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"Would you rather be District Five, some stupid number?"

"Better than some stupid animal."

Peter Mark
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OOC- This is not real. I do not think Peter Mark is a real person nor am I Peter Mark. I'm just a typical teenage girl who loves the Mighty Ducks and who loves to RP. That is all. This is all for the community mickeys_diner and if you want my real journal it can be found at steffe26.


So what to put in here? Stuff about me right? Um....okay.

My name is Peter Daniel Mark but everyone mostly calls me Peter, unless your the Ducks when you call me Pete or Petey. But otherwise I'm just Peter. I play hockey for the Eden Hall Mighty Ducks and am a founding member of the District Five Ducks, along with Jesse Hall, Charlie Conway, Connie Moreau, and Guy Germaine. The five of us have been come to known as the Diaper Squad and I've never known a single day without any of the four of them in my life. I am currently dating Tammy Duncan and couldn't be happier, especially with the support she's shown me this past month or so.

I used to live in an apartment with my dad Daniel (yes unfortunatly I'm named after him ironic isn't it?), my sister Rada who's twenty three, my brother Jarek who's twenty four, and my sister Becky who's fourteen. Now Becky and I live with Connie's family of her stepmother Sheryl, her father Roger who I've basically grown up with, and her millions of siblings, Elisha, Alex, Shawn, and Taylor.

I guess that's it, if you really want to know anything else just ask me and I may tell you.